The mind & body coach

Transformational Coach and Personal Trainer.

The mind & body coach

Transformational Coach and Personal Trainer

The mind & body coach

Transformational Coach and Personal Trainer

Hi! My name is Marcus. I can help you transform your identity, so you can transform your life.

about me

I will be 50 years of age next year, with more than 20 years of business experience and  24 years of happily married life. Our two wonderful boys are a constant source of inspiration.

How do the parts of this puzzle fit together to create a balanced, and happy life?

My purpose

My purpose is to help people – just like you – live their lives in alignment with their values.  Change can then be created allowing life to be lived entirely on your own terms. I help improve your confidence, self-esteem and strength from the inside out.

If you’re a busy mum  who wants to feel good in your own skin again,  a busy dad who wants to lose the belly and love handles and start to feel back in control; or maybe other circumstances have drawn you here and you’re feeling off kilter and need a helping hand.  Providing you are ready and have decided to commit to change, let’s have a chat and get things rollin’.

I can help you remove the barriers to you realising your full potential

balance and harmony

Discovering and maintaining your mind and body connection, so that you remain in a balanced natural state of health. Educating you on the 4 Pillars of Health – Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Sleep, so that you achieve optimal health on the outside and the inside.


feeling energised

movement, strength, conditioning, fat loss through muscle gain. Boosting your body confidence by using clear, structured, intelligent, physical training. Holding you accountable to guarantee success. 

achieving your potential

Help you gain clarity about who you are, where you are, who you need to be and how we go about getting you there. Improving your self-esteem, your self-confidence and help you to accept yourself as you are. In doing so, reducing stress levels, increasing clarity of thought and helping you to change the habits that are holding you back to those that will move you forward.

how you will benefit


Increase your awareness of the connection between your mind and your body


Appreciate how you can make incremental improvements every day for the rest of your life. (Daily discipline over a longer period of time will lead to significant changes).


See how observation and (written) reflection can bring you insight and clarity with regard to your habits and patterns.


Recognise the importance of the Pillars of Health: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Sleep; and how you can use them to consciously create a better version of yourself.


Receive help to establish the daily exercise rituals which will enhance your experience of each day.


Learn the value of seeing your progress and collecting evidence (to counter the mind’s tricks).


Realise the potential of physical exercise and conscious breathing to improve mood, boost cognitive function and improve memory.


Become more aware of yourself, your patterns of behaviour and your conditioning: and learn to relax with who you are.


It’s all about you, so enjoy yourself, have fun and take everything you can.

Get the help and support you need
to feel great again

A Holistic aPProach To
health & fitness


Mind & Body Monthly




Two x 1 hour sessions per week (includes 24/7 support over text/facebook/email)




Three x 1 hour sessions per week (includes 24/7 support over text/facebook/email)




8 Week course (includes 24/7 support over text/facebook/email)

what my clients have to say:

“Starting personal training with Marcus has taken me from basic aspirations I did not have the courage to enact on my own, to achieving fitness goals very quickly. I was previously apprehensive about starting personal training and using most gym equipment but Marcus has listened to my aspirations and calmly guided me with patience and understanding to build my confidence and strength.

The most distinguished aspect about Marcus is his exemplary attitude to life. He encourages others to feel the same through his holistic approach, which considers all aspects of fitness for the mind and body. He is unquestionably fully committed to enhancing his clients’ fitness abilities as well as all round wellbeing. This is an accessible and refreshing style and one I have found works well for me. I am sure this approach will work for many people who may, like me, be initially nervous about engaging a personal trainer. My work life balance and general outlook have already improved along with my strength and fitness leaving me more inspired to continue.”

Ben W.

‘I’ve been working with Marcus as my personal trainer for the past 3 months, meeting once a week for a gym session. This has been supplemented with regular support through email and texts. I’ve found it a wholly positive experience, making real strides forward in my fitness, diet and overall wellbeing.

From the very first time that I made contact with Marcus (which was just to discuss possibly meeting up to take me through the details of what he offered as a PT), I found his manor professional, yet warm and genuine. I knew then that I had found the right person to work with me.

I have found that Marcus provides a very holistic approach to personal training, working on my mental and emotional fitness alongside my physical fitness. His approach and style is geared to be focused on the long term goal, with which, achieving milestones at each session. With Marcus’s help I’ve pushed myself beyond my own expectations and what I thought I was capable of. He has provided me with dedicated support, so that I now know my way around the gym and can now confidently use all the equipment, free weights and tailored exercises which I can do wherever I am. He has increased my motivation, my confidence and ability to exercise to get the most out of my routine at the gym. I couldn’t wish for a more experienced and dedicated PT. I would highly recommend!’


Tailored, bespoke, results driven, pro-active, constant support, non-judgemental, flexible, friendly and lots of fun!

Your symptoms / points of pain

low body confidence

Together, we’ll create habits that will help you build muscle and lose fat. Your posture will improve, you’ll feel more relaxed and accepting of imperfections.

lack of self confidence

We’ll develop positive affirmations and self-talk to help you become more self-aware and empowered.

lack of strength and mobility

We’ll develop a slow, steady and sustainable program to improve your strength and mobility. You’ll be able to move more freely and without pain.

tired and lacking focus

We’ll combat these feelings by creating goals, improving your sleep quality and by enabling you to be kind to yourself by eating nourishing foods.

NOT able to play with the kids without being out of breath

increasing your endurance, improving your balance so that you enjoy playing and bonding with kids. Your kids will be happier than ever.

Clothes I used to enjoy no longer look good on me

We’ll work on changing your body shape through intelligent mind and body training. You’ll feel and look great in your clothes and feel excited about treating yourself to new ones.

Are my best years behind me?

Let’s work on increasing your self-worth and self-esteem through a steady, structured and progressive approach to training. You will feel confident, present and very much looking forward to a bright future.

Free consultation

Please get in touch and tell me a little bit about yourself, so together we can discuss how I may be able to help. There is no obligation, and everything will be treated with the strictest confidence. When you are ready to move forward I can offer you a monthly package which best suits your circumstances and your goals. The coaching and training can be delivered in the gym or in your home. We can use Skype, Facebook video messenger and the telephone to compliment and enhance your experience.

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